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Bocconi Art Gallery

Bocconi Art Gallery - #BAGmi: The Contest's Thirty Finalists

May 4, 2016

The first photography contest open to Bocconi students, faculty, alumni and staff is in its final stage. The winners will be announced on 12 may at Bocconi Art Gallery.

The thirty photographs displayed on the windows at the entrance of the Via Roentgen building have been selected for the final stage of #BAGmi. This is the first photography contest open to the entire Bocconi community, organized as part of the sixth edition of Bocconi Art Gallery.

The contest, dedicated to art and Milan, will come to a close during the inauguration of BAG on 12 May, when the top three winners will be selected out of the chosen photos. The thirty finalists have submitted many different kinds of pictures: some are in color, others are in black and white; some are daytime shots, others nighttime; some chose art as the subject of the photo, others made the city itself a work of art. The styles and ideas are very different from each other, but they all share one common denominator: the desire to capture a unique perspective of the city of Milan while focusing on art.

The finalists are: Stefano Airoldi, Massimiliano Baroni, Chiara Bazzaro, Francesca Belluzzo, Andrea Luigi Brambilla, Davide Caniat, Clelia Carbonari, Andrea Celauro, Benedetta Ciotto, Margherita Citterio, Dante Donat, Marianna Fragonara Ciancio, Steele Friese, Pierpaolo Iaquinta, Paulina Gallagher, Andrea Giglio, Tullio Grilli, Andrea Gracis, Tatana Kochan, Daniela Ligurgo, Corrado Mariani, Sara Mazzoleni, Caterina Micoloni, Massimiliano Minorat, Giorgia Monterubbiano, Simona Papaluca, Marta Pianta, Giulia Scialino, Mata Serranò, Marco Thoni.




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